May 9, 2017

Summer Heat? Don’t you worry bout a thing, baby!

We’ve been doing this since summer of 2009. In between beach getaways. Summers can be excruciatingly hot in the Philippines...

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

March 11, 2017

Jeddah Floating Mosque: Never on hot, breezeless days

It was the last weekend of January. The weather was cool, the air was dry and the wind was strong enough to wash away the usual...

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Nowehere, Everywhere

March 11, 2017

TRIPPIES: CNN Philippines’ travel show hosted by Jessica Zafra and...

Follow Jessiza Zafra and Pepe Diokno as they talk their way around the world in a weekly half-hour show....

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

December 14, 2016

Al Qatan Tourism Village and Al Fahad ship wreckage site

We recently learned about a popular ship wreckage site and a beach resort here in Jeddah. This is Jeddah Titanic, prepare your...

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Japan, Saitama

November 24, 2016

Little Edo: A leisurely walk in Edo and Meiji Eras

A visit to Little Edo in Kawagoe is like a travel through time sans the distortion in the space-time continuum....

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Japan, Tokyo

June 27, 2015

Tokyo Disneyland Parade: It’s WHEN the magic happens

Evening came and the kids turned grumpily ever after. But as soon as the Disney Electric Parade started, suddenly the cold never...

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

October 31, 2013

Fakieh Aquarium and the Janitor Fish

Upon learning about the opening of an aquarium center here in Jeddah, we knew we have to visit at some point. So armed with our...

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Batangas, Featured, Philippines

June 7, 2013

Bernabeach Resort, Nasugbu: Hello from the other side of Batangas!

Bernabeach Resort is located in Nasugbu, western side of Batangas, where there are nice beach fronts and more accessible from the...

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 22, 2013

At KLIA: Old Malaya Kopitiam’s signature Nyonya Laksa

If ever you'll have a stop at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, be sure to try the Nyonya Laksa at Old Malaya Kopitiam....

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Featured, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

August 23, 2012

Tsinelas-wielding bandits of the Red Sea in Jeddah

The Red Sea has been one of our usual hangouts during holidays, such as Ramadan and Hajj breaks. Find out what these...

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