• As epic as epic can be. The Singapore Supertree Grove, ladies and gentlemen.
  • In a river far, far away.
  • If you’re ever visiting Armenia, particularly Lake Sevan, make sure to take the front seat in the minivan. Capture in video the breath-taking view of your entire way from Yerevan to Sevan complete with Armenian music blaring in the background. I’m telling you, this will be the highlight of your entire Armenian trip and what you’ll remember the most.
  • Wear your watermark. 
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  • Expecto... Petronas!

I’m sure you got the reference, didn’t you?

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  • I’m off but left the helmet behind. It’s been a while.
  • London leaves are falling down, my fair lady. 🍁 Only this is in Japan, not in England. And if ever I’ll have a visa for London, I’ll go to Istanbul instead.
  • “I got my head and my heart on the dance floor.”
  • After the rain.
  • And at last I see the light 🎶💇‍♀️
  • Not taking a dump here, promise.

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Photos or it didn’t happen

Pokemon Go 50km Adventure Sync Rewards: 10km and 5km eggs
Pokemon Go 50km Adventure Sync Rewards: 10km and 5km eggs

I got home from work last night with only 47.2km registered on my Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Weekly Tracker so I put on my walking gear and walked outside until I had enough kilometer distance to fill the gap. Not to mention, I put all seven 7km eggs into the blue incubators to leave some space should I be so lucky to get a 10km egg from the reward.

A few minutes past 9:00 a.m. local time, I opened the Pokemon GO app to see my rewards and, guess what, I got not only a 10km egg but a 5km one, too.