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TRIPPIES: CNN Philippines’ travel show hosted by Jessica Zafra and Pepe Diokno

March 11, 2017

Our favorite Filipino writer and world domination theorist Jessica Zafra (Theory of World Domination, Twisted Travels, Twisted Flicks, Twisted Series) and motion picture director, producer and screenwriter, Pepe Diokno (Engkwentro, Above the Clouds) will host CNN Philippines’ new travel show, Trippies.

Trippies, says Jessica, has conversation, food, history, and an international cast of dogs and cats. Need a sampler? Check out Zafra’s Turkey Travel Diary or watch Diokno talk about the show in a CNN Philippines appearance.

Based on her blog updates, this could be the timeline from the conception of the travel show up to it’s premiere announcement. But I could be wrong.

In March 2013, Jessica had a quick Philippine Airlines flight reservation to Hong Kong to catch the a Turkish Airlines flight to Turkey. She was the immediate replacement to a participant who could not join a tour organized by Orion Philippines. The Turkey Travel Diary was on. It was one of her major travels. From then, she also had a series of travels to other places, and most of the details can be read on her blog.

On March 21, 2016, a travel show was hinted on her blog in a form of a question, along with a photo of her with Pepe and two others.

June 216, they started filming in Beijing. August in Singapore. January 2017, at the time of the huge snowfall, they were in Turkey. Korea in February.

Cappadocia by Jessica Zafra

And just last week, the premiere of Trippes, a new travel show by CNN Philippines was announced.

Follow the travel duo as they talk their way around the world in a weekly half-hour show. TRIPPIES premieres on Sunday, 12 March at 7:30pm on CNN Philippines. Replays air on Tuesdays at 1:30pm, Thursdays at 12:30pm, and Saturdays at 11am.

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Update: You can now watch episodes of Trippies online at

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